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Carrie Felton, Project Manager

Carrie Felton is the project manager for the National Center on Employment & Homelessness (NCEH). Carrie supports efforts to advance employment as a key solution in preventing and ending homelessness through policy change, systems optimization, and movement-building.

Carrie joined Heartland Alliance and the National Initiatives on Poverty & Economic Opportunity after a decade of working directly with individuals and families experiencing poverty. Because of her previous work, she knows first-hand that people experiencing poverty and unemployment are smart and resilient but face a myriad of structural barriers and inequities. In addition to her direct service experience, Carrie earned a graduate degree in social work from the University of Chicago with a focus on poverty and inequality.


NCEH projects, like the Pathways Forward Challenge, are also supported by other members of Heartland Alliance’s National Initiatives on Poverty & Economic Opportunity team.