Equity. Opportunity. For All.

Heartland Alliance, one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations, works in communities in the U.S. and abroad to serve individuals experiencing homeless, living in poverty, or seeking safety. Heartland Alliance provides a comprehensive array of services in the areas of health, housing, jobs and justice – and leads state and national policy efforts, which target lasting change for individuals and society.


Dedicated to Ending Chronic Unemployment and Poverty.

Heartland Alliance’s National Initiatives on Poverty & Economic Opportunity focus on ensuring that everyone who wants to work has the tools and opportunities to do so and that no one who works full time lives poverty. National Initiatives encompass projects dedicated to helping marginalized and chronically unemployed individuals access the labor market and advance in employment, through policy advocacy, field building, research, and coalition building. The National Center on Employment and Homelessness (NCEH) is one of these national initiatives, focused on elevating employment and good jobs in the fight to prevent and end homelessness through systems collaboration, policy change and field building.

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We work at the intersection of practice, policy, and research, to catalyze change that is informed by evidence and grounded in the experience of communities, providers, and impacted populations.